Big Welcome to Alex Perry ready to wear collection

Alex Perry has created stunning evening dresses for celebrities, and he has been well knows as one of the judge in Asia’s Next Top Model.  Since the  launching of Alex Perry’s  “ready-to-wear” collection in 1998, There is no doubt that Alex Perry has added a new level of glamour to the Australian fashion industry with his breathtaking gowns.

TandT : A rebellious mixture of street wear and semi-couture

The most appropriate word to describe the uniqueness of TandT since the brand’s collection has been the style of art that tries to reflect various women’s lifestyles of big city living; who are social ladies that are clever with unique preference; who are fashion addict that are always trendy and never go out of fashion even one step behind; who are smart women of new generation that are active and talented all around as men which will not lead boring lives and have excitement in their own.

Exclusive agent in Asia for Jewels + Grace

We are excited to announce that Rosa FL has been appointed as Jewels +Grace’ exclusive agent in Asia. Characterised by classic forms and defined by detail Jewels + Grace is an Australian swimwear and resort wear label who draw their inspiration from the simple pleasures of European living. The Jewels + Grace collection features simple sleek lines and details forming a luxe high-end brand and range that will enhance a women’s natural features. The J+G collective come from interior, fashion and product design backgrounds. Their holistic design approach creates an unparalleled aesthetic through their exploration of design, process and materiality.